Electronic and / or Mechanical Technical Assistance at home

Do you have your machine stopped, are you tired of not putting into service due to Technical ignorance, the low prices of Inexperienced Technicians (translated into VERY HIGH COSTS OF STOPPED MACHINE !!!!) and official technical services with very high costs? Then we have the perfect solution for you!

Our qualified and experienced technicians will take the failures out of your CNC or PLC machines and put them back into service. This reduces machine downtime costs.

Please call us to describe the failure of your machine, we have a free technical support line, our experienced CNC and PLC specialists will help you find the error. If the source of the error cannot be followed over the phone, or cannot be followed with sufficient precision, we will immediately dispatch a service technician to your factory if you wish.

Our service technicians are equipped with professional and modern tools for error diagnosis, oscilloscope and thermal imaging camera, LASER LEVEL, SPINDLE BALANCER and Vibration detection, 9nm LASER INTERFEROMETER. In addition, we have replacement parts.

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