Most important Electronics Laboratory in Argentina
With more modern test devices and test systems, such as

    Banco de Pueba SIMODRIVE
    SINUMERIK 810-840d Test Bench
    Ultrasound Washer
    Controlled Drying Oven

We have the latest generation Laboratory equipment. Thus we have the possibility to locate faults accurately. Designed for measurement, verification, control and regulation. We have traceability in all repairs.


It is a compact and flexible InCircuit / Performance Verification system for locating faults on hybrid and digital circuit boards. With Testclips the functionality of the individual chips is checked. The application of PinPoint diagnostic technology enables fast and efficient failure analysis and has been characterized by a high failure discovery rate in both intensive testing and sporadic failures.

Thermal camera

For faster and more efficient fault finding, thermal cameras developed specifically for fault finding in electrical systems and electromechanical equipment are now used.


This is a graphical development environment from National Instruments designed to create flexible and scalable measurement, verification, control and regulation applications in the fastest and most affordable way possible.

Ultrasound Washer

All the equipment that enters the Laboratory is ultrasound washed, to achieve perfect cleaning underneath the integrated components. The teams are as if they were just out of the factory.

Controlled Drying Oven

All the equipment that comes out of the Ultrasound Washer is dried in a temperature controlled oven, to evacuate all traces of humidity.

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